Yoga and Wellness

We do our best work when we are happy, healthy, and supportive of one another as whole people. I am passionate about living this idea as fully as I can, and helping others to develop their own approach to wellness as an integral part of a good life. 

This work is integrated with my research and teaching -- there are important connections between theory and practice, yoga and philosophy, teaching and mentorship in the broadest sense of the word. If you or your community are interested in bringing me to present on any of these topics, please feel free to contact me.

To receive regular reflections on wellness as well as information about my yoga teaching and wellness offerings, please email me at

Powerpoint Slides: “Beyond Balances, Trade-Offs, and Lunchtime Meditation: How Wellness Work Can Transform Academia For the Better

Wellness Advising at Penn

I am the Wellness Advisor for Penn's Philosophy Department. The primary role of the Wellness Advisor is to support graduate students in the philosophy program by providing informal advice and counseling about any issue related to well-being. I also provide support to undergraduate students, and information to students and faculty about campus resources.

Wellness Advising in MIRA Group

I make space in my research and teaching group MIRA to discuss wellness as a Ph.D. student and do exercises that help them to reflect and develop wellness practices. Here are some exercise we have done together. Please feel free to adapt and reuse with proper citation.



I am a certified yoga teacher (RYT-200) and avid practitioner. Yoga has profoundly helped me in life, and I love sharing this powerful practice with others. I provide alignment-based instruction focused on helping students explore, challenge themselves, heal, and grow.

I proudly teach at Sanctuary Yoga and Mindfulness at 13th and Locust please check their website for my class and workshop offering.

I also regularly teach yoga classes from my home, and am available to teach private lessons and workshops. If you are interested in these offerings, please email me at

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I formally and informally mentor philosophers and cognitive scientists at various stages of their careers, especially from underrepresented groups. This includes mentorship through the Job Mentoring Program for Women in Philosophy.